1. You must post this rules .
2. Each person must post 11 themselves in their journal .
3. Answer the question the tagger set for you in their post and create 11 new questions for the people you tagged to answer .
4. You have to choose 11 people to tagged and link them to the post .
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged HIM/HER
6. No tag back
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1. My favourite number : 1,4,7,and 9..even if u know my cell number,u can predict what my fav nums are..
2. I'm not really a k-pop lovers..not adore them n not hate them..just flexible.
3. Final destination is the best film ever!
4. Pink and purple addict
5. Plis dont show any snake in front of me!hate it!
6. Taken by someone rite now..
7. KFC cheezy wedges and MCD quarter pounder are the most compulsory food to order
8. Adore  wedges but i'll never have it because im tall enough to wear wedges!
9. Many says my eyes are preety but instead,im wearing spec okay!.
10. I love study,make lawak bodoh and do silly things such as chicken dancing in front of my siblings!
11.I'm too kuno when talk about manga,anime and comics!

1. Korean or Japanese drama/movie . long as they are sweet,romantic n funny movie..

2. Name of your first best friend .
-From ski:emy,ain,nadhirah,
-From other school:aqilah,ainor,aisyah,nurin,auni,hasanah,yumni,amirah,sue

3. Black or white .
-prefer white..gonna look cute..

4. The best movie/drama ever .
-Final destination

5. Upin Ipin or Boboiboy .
-Upin ipin !in fact,my whole family love father n mother would laugh in front of the TV..!

6. Your first crush .
-My old schoolmate..who?secret lah..

7. The best novel/comic .
-Andai itu takdirnya.(The first novel that i read without skipping the pages and patiently finish it in 2 days time.)

8. The best place in your house .
-My room...heaven in world!

9. The best moment .
-Spending my time with my love one

10. Blogger or Tumblr .
-Blogger!bcoz i dont have tumblr..heeee

11. Twitter or Facebook .
-Facebook..i gonna have twitter in one week time okay..


1.chocolate or blueberry?
2.your honeymoon site will be at?
3.spongebob or domo?
4.person u hate the most?
5.describe your attitude
6.which part of your face that people say cute?
7.most of your friends are?(boys/girls)
8. which animal that u can't tolerate with ?
9.U will hate me if i...?
10.Favourite song?
11.You prefer cute or romantic guy?



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